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Why You Should Use the Rowing Machine

If you are just getting started on exercises then making a choice might be a bit hard for you. Strenuous runs or scaling mountains is not the only way to get in shape. It will be very easy for you to improve your health through the use of a rowing machine. Besides being a low impact workout plan, it can be used by any age group. Additionally, whether you are getting started on the workouts or you are at an advanced level you will find the rowing machine a very effective option. This machine usually mimics the rowing boat motion while in water which means by operating it you will be using all the muscles in your body.

The rowing machine offers a very effective means of aerobic exercises. Everyone needs a workout plan that involves cardio exercises for the sake of general health. Aerobic exercises, when done on a regular basis will lead to increased stamina, weight loss and also strengthen the immune system. Working out helps you release endorphins and this will make you sleep better as well as improve the mood. Given the number of muscles that have to be involved for you to work the machine, your heart rate will definitely go up which requires an increased oxygen intake. This is what a full cardio workout looks like. Find out the best rowing workouts tips or learn how to lose weight fast.

If you want to burn calories then you will definitely find the rowing machine helpful. In addition, it will increase your energy and tone the muscles. On average, you will burn close to 600 calories every hour you are using the rowing machine. Even if you have a room full of gym machines, none of them will give you such results. If you are riding the bike machine while stationary, 78 minutes on it are equal to the 60-minute workout you will get when you go for the rowing machine. When you top this with a balanced diet, you will reach the fitness goals pretty fast.

The rowing machine workouts mainly target the lower body. These are the shoulder rhomboids, upper back trapezii and the lats of the lower back. With stronger shoulders and back, your posture will definitely improve. This will decrease the chances of suffering from back pain and if you were experiencing backache before it will improve greatly. Also, these exercises will tone your abs, pecs, and biceps that will strengthen the core. You can read more on this here:

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